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Please note that this particular guide is out of date as of 12/5/2006 (the date that the new talent trees were implemented)



Generally you will cast DoTs (Damage over Time spells), Fear/Seduce, 2xShadowbolt/Soul Fire, Fear/Seduce, refresh DoTs, Fear/Seduce, 2xShadbolt, Shadowburn. Death coil to interrupt casting.

Rogue and Warrior:
If you have any distance, try to get off a fear. If they are close, start with Death Coil to get them off you. Walk through melees rather than turning to face them. This will throw them off and also gets you facing them quicker. They are tough in general because with every one of their attacks they slow your attacks. You must attempt to keep them at range to avoid this loss in cast time.

Don't worry about destroying their totems yourself: just back out of their range or sic the pet on the totems. One of the interesting dynamics of fighting Shamans are the instant shocks. Don't try winding up an big casting spells (Shadow bolt, Soulfire) if they haven't shocked you recently: They'll Earthshock you, and you'll have just wasted 2 seconds of cast-time. Instead, apply your dots. And wait for them to shock you. Once shocked, wind up a shadowbolt, searing pain, or Immolate. If you can devour their natures swiftness, and/or lock their heals, it's over. If they drop a gounding totem, sic the pet on it, or stop casting.

Do not bother DoTing a Priest, you can Curse of Tongues them though to slow their cast. Priests use up a lot of mana to do their damage so you can try to take the damage while draining mana and launching a few direct damage attacks. Once out of mana a Priest is dead. Use the felhunter to devour their shields and if you can time locking a heal, they're done.

Do not bother Cursing a Mage as they can remove it for very little mana, use other DoTs. Other than that Mages generally have much less health than a Warlock and don't do enough more damage to off set that greater hp. Just dot, drain, and spell lock with the felhunter. Generally speaking, Mages are a warlock's easiest fight.

Very tough, as they can regen their mana extremely fast, heal, take a lot of damage, and dish out a good amount of damage. You can not outlast a Druid so do not try. Interrupt their heals and do as much damage as you can as fast as you can. The key pet, and one that must almost be used exclusivly is the felhunter. Properly timing spell-lock and devour will utterly destroy a druid. Devour their Heals over Time. Lock their cast-time Heals. If you can catch them with natures swiftness or innervate, devour it fast and they've just wasted some pretty important cooldowns. If they are feared, spam devour to remove any possible buffs they might have (they always have MotW).

A good one can be dangerous, luckily I can think of maybe five good hunters. Succy is the key pet to use on a hunter. Seduce will stop them from shooting while you fear the pet, fire up a shadowbolt, or a soulfire. When you're done with seduce, apply DoTs, keep the pet feared, and Drain Life in their dead zone. The dead zone refers to the area that is too far away for melee attacks and too close for ranged. For most hunters (non-Beastial Wrath hunters) curse of weakness on the pet (while CoW is generally worthless, it's useful for mitigating the generally weak pet damage). If the hunter happens to be Beastial Mastery, you're only choice is to Curse of Weakness the pet, and Fear the hunter. You must survive the 15 seconds of Unstoppable Pet. Kill the pet if you can. Don't waste your death coil on the pet, as the fear effect does not work on an unstoppable pet.

The key to killing a pally is emptying them of mana. They MUST be out of mana before you do anything. You want them with Curse of Tongues to slow their heals or Curse of Agony to just do some kind of mitigated damage. It is possible to burst damage a pally to death but you have to do it within a few seconds while spamming fear, spell lock or seduce. Generally speaking, the fight must begin with fear, and Drain Mana until they are out, reapplying fear as necessary. If you encounter a shortbus, valor wearing, "dps pally" you're in for an easy, albiet long, fight. Once they are out of mana, you can drop your dots, as they won't have the mana to dispell or heal. They might bubble, and they might lay on hands (which leaves them with mana that can be drained with a single drain mana). Once they are out of mana, dps them down like anything else. Any pet will work on a pally, felhunter to lock their heals, succy to control them, or voidwalker shield to mitigate their already limited damage.

Group PvP

Cast DoTs on all enemies, Fear Healers, Shadowbolt, Shadowburn

Keep the enemy group in pain with DoTs and let your group worry about most of the direct damage while you keep any healers feared/spell locked/seduced. Time your fear to interupt their heals.

Large Scale PvP

Cast DoTs and Shadowbolt anything that moves and fear/seduce any Horde going for a flag (run up and stab them if you have to as AoEs do not interupt capturing a flag)



Cast Shadowbolt, Immolate, Fear, other DoTs, Shadowbolt, Shadowbolt, Fear, Drain Soul


Every warlock will need a curse to use. Generally, Curse of Shadows and Curse of Elements will be used first. Use shadows first if there are more Warlocks and Arcane Mages than Frost or Fire mages, and use Elements first otherwise. If there are more than 2 warlocks, the next warlock should use Curse of Recklessness for the melee DPS increase (which will also increase the threat on the MT). If there are more than 3 warlocks, it's time to use Curse of Agony or Curse of Doom.
If you have over 550 damage gear, Curse of Agony becomes more DPS than Curse of Doom. Whoever has the most +dmg gear will be casting the DPS curses (doom and Agony).

Make sure your curse stays on the mob, especially boss mobs, as that additional DPS is vital. Also, make sure you keep Corruption up as well. Corruption procs nightfall, and EVEN if you don't have instant corruption, it's still more damage than a non-crit Shadowbolt for less mana, and it takes advantage of the FULL +damage gear you have.

If you are SM/DS spec, the decision to use Sacced Succy, Void, or Fel are really up to you. Long boss fights where you'll be taking damage (like Ragnaros) make saccing your void useful, as the regen is helpful. Boss fights where you'll be taking Minimal damage (Golemagg) is better to sac a succy or felhunter. Saccing the Felhunter makes you mana regen CRAZY, and you won't need to waste time Lifetapping.

The key to a Sacced Void is to maximize your regen while maximizing your damage. After a few shadowbolts, lifetap to full mana and start casting again: by the time you've regened the help back, lifetap again. This will keep you near full health and full mana an entire fight, and when the burn is called, you can insta-summon a succubus and sac her for the 15% dmg increase and go balls to the wall, burning all your mana.

Note on Curse of Recklessness: NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER use Curse of Recklessness on Broodlord Lashlayer. His mortal strikes calculate differently than other normal Melee Attacks of the mobs, and he will DESTROY the tanks if his attack power gets increased (to the effect of his Mortal Strikes do 2000 more damage).

Note for Banishing in MC For the MC fire packs and Garr use a Voidwalker to draw aggro, Curse of Shadows if the mob is lvl 63 or a Garr minion, then Banish. While Curse of Shadows doens't have an effect on the Level difference for the level 62/63 mobs, it does have an effect on the resistance level of the mob, so this will help prevent early breaks, and even worse: resists, but they still break early so be ready even if you're not the main banisher on that target. It is important that you keep you Garr minion banished as a loose one can kill healers or even blow up and take down the raid. And for the fire packs, send out your void to offtank a banish in case the banisher's void dies at a bad time.


Brief comments on each particular Talent (It's merits and demerits).


Suppression: Really good for sub-60 when you are lacking in curses and spell penetration and post 60 for those tricky high resist mobs.

Improved Corruption: If you are going to put any points in Affliction, put all 5 into this talent. This changes corruption from a 2sec cast to an instant cast that can be cast while moving and doesn't require line of sight.

Improved Curse of Weakness: If put even a single point into this talent, you fail as a warlock. Delete your character and reroll on another server. You are a disgrace.

Improved Drain Soul: Eh, it's not terrible but really it is a waste.

Improved Life Tap: Makes a great spell more efficient, so I would get this one.

Improved Drain Life: If you need the points and are getting Fel Domination yes, otherwise eh. Even then it is a minimal increase to one spell so perhaps spend elsewhere.

Improved Curse of Agony: If put even a single point into this talent, you fail as a warlock. Delete your character and reroll on another server. You are a disgrace.

Fel Concentration: Great if you are going further into the tree, if your depend on Drain Life for PvP, and for leveling.

Amplify Curse: Okay generally but I wouldn't bother unless you are picking up Curse of Exhaustion as well. Though it's good enough that if you have an extra point spend it here.

Grim Reach: Nice little talent, who doesn't want greater range?

Nightfall: Each tick of Corruption and Drain Life has a chance to proc the "Shadow Trance," allowing you to launch an instant shadowbolt. If you're going this deep into the talent tree, this is an essential tool, quite possibly the single most essential talent in the tree. While the talent itself relies on randomness, proccing an instant cast shadowbolt is one of the most devastating things that can happen to anyone. The bolt loses no potency and no +dmg effects. So an instant cast 600dmg ranged spell is pretty uber.

Improved Drain Mana: Historically a contraversial talent, as Drain Mana is a mostly rarely used spell. It's usefulness had previously been that it benefitted from +shadow damage gear, and that the damage component had the capability of critting. Both of these aspects have been removed, and so the talent itself is worthless in all but the most rare of situations.

Siphon Life: While itself, not a powerhouse, when combined with the other 3 dots, this becomes a powerful 1-point ability. An instant-cast, spammable dot that leaches life. If you spam this, you start regening a pretty powerful amount of life.

Curse of Exhaustion: The single most contraversial talent. If you have one point to spend, don't waste it here. If you read the text closely, it states "slows the target TO 90%" not "BY 90%." The only way this talent is useful is if you dump a few points into Improved Curse of Exhaustion, which can become a spammable, cheap 70% snare, and every 2 minutes it can take it down to a 50% snare. These talent points are really up to the player and the play-style.

Improved Curse of Exhaustion: Plan on putting at least two points in this if you get Curse of Exhaustion, otherwise don't bother with either.

Shadow Mastery: Great damage increasing talent and a key talent in many builds.

Dark Pact: I will beat you to death with your own shoe...


Improved Healthstone: Good if you need the points and a party pleaser.

Improved Imp: Good if you need the points and a party pleaser.

Demonic Embrace: This is a great talent if you can afford it, 15% more stamina is pimp.

Improved Health Funnel: Eh, you need the points but otherwise no.

Improved Voidwalker: Good if you favor Saccrificing your Voidwalker for it's shield.

Fel Intellect: This talent isn't so bad if you get Dark Pact. But if you get Dark Pact you should have already been bludgeoned to death with your own shoe so what's the point in this one? Anyone?

Improved Succubus: If you favor your Succubus I would get this one as it adds another 5 seconds to Seduction. With diminishing returns on fear/seduce its nice to keep it on as long as possible.

Fel Domination: The greatest utility Talent a Warlock has in the game. When combined with Master Summoner, this enables a 0.5 sec cast-time pet. Considering one of the major problems warlocks face is not having the right pet out at the right time, this can be a HUGE savior. You see a Warrior? Sacrife your Voidwalker for the shield, and almost-instant-cast your succubus. He'll have to tear through 2k damage just to actually inflict any damage on you, all while being bolt/seduced.

Fel Stamina: Great if you are getting Soul Link, otherwise don't bother.

Master Summoner: Makes normal summoning slightly more efficient and Fel Domination summoning almost instant cast, so a good talent.

Unholy Power: Really only good for getting to Master Demonologist.

Demonic Sacrifice: A very cool talent that allows you to sacricfice one of your pets for a 30 minute nondispelable buff. Imp gives 15% fire dmg, Felhunter gives 2% mana/ 4sec, Succbus gives 15% shad dmg and Voidwalker gives 3% hp/ 4sec. That 3% is roughly 120-150 every 4 seconds for any 60 warlock or 5% more fire/shad damage than either Shadow Mastery or Emberstorm give.

Improved Firestone: Worthless unless you absolutly must squeeze every bit of fire damage into your off-hand as you can. But remember that it only increases your fire damage by 6 with both points into it. If you want to maximize your Fire Damage off-hand, go to Alterac Valley for a few months and get Tome of Fiery ArcanaRefresh This Item.

Master Demonologist: A powerful situational skill. It provides a buff that you and your pet share as long as the pet is alive. Each pet produces a different buff. The imp is the raid pet, thus giving you a 20% agro reduction. The succy is the pvp/damage pet, and gives you a +10% dmg buff. The Voidwalker is the tank, and gives 10% damage mitigation. The felhunter's ability is the master of them all, when it comes to pvp with casters: 60 resists to all schools. This makes mages, who are already and easy fight, total cake. If you're going this far into demonology, there is no talent more important than this.

Soul Link: One of the strongest talents at a warlocks disposal. This talent is more-or-less, and I-WIN button for 1on1 pvp. Most Soul Link locks can take 2 at a time easily. With 5 pieces of felheart and a Felhunter, no caster can do anything to a soullink, Master Demonologist Warlock. The fight is over before it's begun. If you are a duel-whore, Soul Link is the way to go. If you are going to get Soul Link, it is abvisable to get full points in Fel Stamina.

Improved Spellstone: If you put points in this talent you should go die in a fire. Please.


Improved Shadowbolt: Better than Cataclysm and the extra damage after a crit is nice.

Cataclysm: Warlocks don't need or want mana reduction...pfft.

Bane: An important talent for any warlock, it decreases the cast time of Immolate and Shadowbolt by .5 and Soul Fire by 2. When you add it up that small amount of time gives thousands more damage.

Aftermath: Aftermath is a 50% snare that procs from 10% of the casts from Destruction spells (Searing Pain, Shadowburn, Shadowbolt, Conflag, immolate, soulfire). Unless you intend on spending most of your points in destruction, this isn't a terribly useful talent. There is litterally no reason to take this talent over Bane, which is far superior.

Improved Firebolt: I've heard of warlocks that swear by this talent...they are idiots. Though I guess if you're a Conflag lock then maybe you could argue the burst damage.

Improved Lash of Pain: Don't be stupid.

Devastation: Increses the chance to crit on Shadowbolt, Searing Pain, Soul Fire, Immolate and Conflagrate. Not a bad talent in any case.

Shadowburn: An almost pure PVP talent. This is an instant-cast shadow spell that does more damage than a Shadowbolt, is on a 15-second cooldown, and consumes a shard. If you intend on PVPing at ALL, and have talents enough in the Destruction tree, this single point is a must-have.

Intensity: Good if you need points to get down to Ruin or Conflagrate, otherwise it's waste.

Destructive Reach: Good if you need points to get down to Ruin or Conflagrate and range is nice.

Improved Searing Pain: Increases the chance to crit on Searing Pain. Hardly noticable as most warlocks only use Searing Pain if they are spell locked out of shadow spells.

Pyroclasm: This procs a stun on Rain of Fire, Hellfire, and Soulfire. While the benefit to Soulfire and Rain of Fire is extremely minimal (on the order of 3% chance per tick for Hellfire), it's value comes in PVP with a seduce->Soulfire combo. Soulfire will proc a 3sec stun 26% of the time, which can be a real life-saver. If you go this far into destruction, it's worth the 2 extra points.

Improved Immolate: Only get if your going down to Conflagrate, otherwise it's really not that useful.

Ruin: One of the reasons people call for a nerf to warlocks is because of this talent. It's 21 points deep in the Destro tree, and gives all Crits a 200% modifier, rather than the default 150% modifier. That, combined with Curse of Shadows (at least pre 1.9) has enabled warlocks to get shadwobolt crits touching the 5k range. One of the strongest, if not THE strongest talent in Destruction.

Emberstorm: Only get if your going down to Conflagrate and want to boost your fire damage.

Conflagrate: Instant cast Fire damage on a 10 second cooldown to a target that has immolate on them. It does a lot of damage, and it does it fast. Chained properly, a Fire-lock can deal a stupid amount of damage stupidly fast. The only problem with it is that you wont have enough talent points to get any of the other really cool 21+ talents.

Popular Talent Builds


An old build, but still very strong. This talent relies on having your succubus out almost all the time, for Shadowbolt/Shadowburn/Seduce chains. The key to this is dealing much damage as you can before the enemy becomes immune to seduce. Make sure you use Curse of Shadows to amplify your already strong shadowbolt damage, and get as much +shadow gear as possible. General Rule: +1% crit = +10 shadow. This is also a strong PvE build for the damage potential, however it must be noted that you will need to watch your agro, as your crits will build a LOT of threat.

Key Talents:
Affliction: Nightfall, Shadow Mastery
Destruction: Bane, Devastation, Shadowburn, Destructive Reach, Ruin
Sample Good Build: http://www.wowhead.com/talent/?NA0bVRbkAZZxx0tr0z


Generally regarded as a mostly-PvE build. This revolves around the utility of the pet Master Demononogist buffs (usually the felhunter for the +60 all resists), and the imp for the reduced threat.

Key Talents:
Demonology: Improved Imp, Demonic Embrace, Master Demonologist.
Destruction: Bane, Devastation, Destructive Reach, Ruin (PvErs won't waste the point in shadowburn if they don't intend on doing PvP)
Sample Build: http://www.wowhead.com/talent/?NA0bVRbkAZZxx0tr0z


Burst Damage PvP Build. Heavy Fire Damage. Pretty straightforward. Make sure to use Curse of Elements.

Key Talents: Bane, Devastation, Shadowburn, Destructive Reach, Pyroclasm (for the stun on soulfire), Ruin, Emberstorm, Conflagrate
Conflag/Nightfall: http://www.wowhead.com/talent/?IA0bVRbZZxx0trMtd
Balanced Conflag: http://www.wowhead.com/talent/?NV0bZfxZxx0trMtt

Soul Link

Survivability Build. You can take a retarded amount of damage with Soul Link active. It is great for PvP and viable for PvE as well. With this build you rely heavily on your pet in PvP. I would only recommend using Succubus or a Fellhunter as the other two pets lack crowd control (i.e. Seduction and Spell Lock). And in PvE I recommend Sacrificing your pet for a buff b/c they will die too fast at your side. I prefer sacrificing my Succubus for the 15% shadow damage most of the time. Void hp regen and Fellhunter mana regen are useful if your healers are focused on the tanks.

Key Talents:
Demonology: Demonic Embrace, Fel Stamina, Demonic Sacrifice, Master Demonologist, Soul Link
Soul Link/Destruction: http://www.wowhead.com/talent/?AZfx0kgxotZxx0tr
Soul Link/Affliction: http://www.wowhead.com/talent/?IA0bVRbZfx0kgxot
Balanced Soul Link: http://www.wowhead.com/talent/?Iq0bZfx0kgxotZxxoz


Demonic Sacrifice allows for higher regen or higher damage and Ruin allows for higher long range damage and crits. Generally you run around with void sac'd regening 100 something hp, DoT, and Shadowbolt spam. If you need a certain pet's attack (Felhunter-Dispel or Spell Lock, Succubus-Seduce, Void-shield) you can have it out in .5 seconds.
This is an easy macro to use for instant pets (make one for void, succubus, and felhunter):
/cast Fel Domination

/script SpellStopCasting();

/cast Summon Voidwalker

Key Talents:
Demonology: Demonic Embrace, Fel Domination, Demonic Sacrifice
Destruction: Bane, Devastation, Shadowburn, Destructive Reach, Ruin
Sample Build: http://www.wowhead.com/talent/?AV0bZfxhuMooZxx0trMz


Similar to the Ruin/DS build, this build relies on the powerful HP regen from Sacrificing your Voidwalker. This difference lies on the power of dots and drains, rather than nukes. The key to SM/DS is to never stop moving, unless you have the enemy controlled (fear or seduce). Drop all your dots, if you have the enemy feared, hit em up with immolate. Because all dots except immolate are instant, you'll be dealing a TON of damage and you can run around all you like. If you have your space, fear em up. If you don't hit em up with deathcoil and then fear em. Once their feared you can charge up an immolate, or a Shadowbolt (which will not be improved). If you get a nightfall proc during the fight, chances are you will win. With this build, +crit is worthless, and +dmg is everything.

Key Talents:
Affliction: Fel Concentration, Nightfall, Grim Reach, Siphon Life, Shadow Mastery
Demonology: Demonic Embrace, Fel Domination, Demonic Sacrifice
Sample Build: http://www.wowhead.com/talent/?IA0bVRbkAZfxhuMoo

Dark Pact

Please note that PiaS does not consider any build containing Dark Pact to be viable end-game build for either PvP nor PvE, and you will be shunned by the Veteran PiaS Locks. You are a noob for even asking. It is just too inefficient to be viable post 60. You will always have your imp out as a Dark Pact lock, and you should try to get your hands on Pimgib's CollarRefresh This Item.

Sample Build: http://www.wowhead.com/talent/?NA0bVRbkAocxZxxoz

Solo Leveling

Spec Affliction to Dark Pact. Keep your imp out at all times, and keep him on passive. Dot, Fear, and Drain Tank everything. Dark pact when you're finished. There is no downtime, and no drinking. You typically end fights with more HP than you started, and you can just steal the mana from your imp. The Imp has more spirit than most priests, so he'll fully regen his mana back between each fight, and you can steal it. You will have to respec at 60 or face death by shoe at the hands of your fellow warlocks if you go this route.


Spec Affliction to Shadow Mastery and Demonology to Demonic Sacrifice. This will give you the talents to resist interuptions, lower chance of you resisting, increase you damage, give you multiple health regen buffs, enable insta pets, increase stamina and the range of your DoTs. Overall this is a good alternative to going Dark Pact for leveling. And you don't have to respec at 60 like with Dark Pact.

Agro Management

Pause after two less than 2k Shadowbolt crits
Pause after one over 2k crit
Never chain cast for an entire fight, throw out a few in a chain then pause and repeat. Pausing for even a second can save you from drawing aggro. This does not apply to most boss mobs in MC, you will be told when and when not to attack.
If the tank looses aggro stop attacking until you see a tank on the ToT bar again, unless you want to die.

Essential Gear

There are two key types of Gear locks want: Dmg gear and Stamina Gear. Stamina Gear is easy to get with a mixture of "of the Eagle", "of Stamina" gear and Dreadmist. The other warlocks work on getting +spell and +shadow damage (or +fire damage if they are fire-locks). Most PiaS Warlocks are "damage whores" so we'll focus on those particular items. Items are listed in relative order of Pre-MC Instances/Zones, Battlegrounds, Molten Core, and Blackwing Lair.
There is also the class sets:
Dreadmist http://www.thottbot.com/?set=183
Demoniac http://www.thottbot.com/?set=481
Doomcaller http://www.thottbot.com/?set=499
Felheart http://www.thottbot.com/?set=203
Nemesis http://www.thottbot.com/?set=212
PvP Dreadweave sets http://www.thottbot.com/?set=346 and http://www.thottbot.com/?set=392

Shard Bags

All of these are Tailor crafted
Soul PouchRefresh This Item: Pattern: Soul PouchRefresh This Item Bought from Gadgetzan.
Felcloth BagRefresh This Item: Learned from a book "drop" from Jandice in Scholo. Requires 12xFelclothRefresh This Item, 6xEnchanted LeatherRefresh This Item, 2xDark RuneRefresh This Item, 4xIronweb Spider SilkRefresh This Item
Core Felcloth BagRefresh This Item: Pattern: Core Felcloth BagRefresh This Item Drops from Major World and Instanced Bosses.

1-Handed Weapons

Blade of the New MoonRefresh This Item (DM West)
Mind CarverRefresh This Item (DM West)
BloodcallerRefresh This Item (Zul'Gurub - Hakkar)
SageclawRefresh This Item (Arathi Basin - Exalted)
Azuresong MagebladeRefresh This Item (MC - Golemagg)
Claw of ChromaggusRefresh This Item (BWL - Chromaggus)
Kris of Unspoken NamesRefresh This Item (Cenarion Circle - Exalted)


Umbral CrystalRefresh This Item (World Drop)
Spirit of AquementasRefresh This Item (Quest Reward)
Tome of Shadow ForceRefresh This Item (Alterac Valley - Exalted)
Jin'do's Bag of WhammiesRefresh This Item (ZG - Hexxer)
Fire Runed GrimoireRefresh This Item (MC - Random)


Rod of the Ogre MagiRefresh This Item (DM North)
Corrupted Blackwood StaffRefresh This Item (Quest Reward)
Amethyst War StaffRefresh This Item (Silithus Council Boss)
Zulian Ceremonial StaffRefresh This Item (Zul'Gurub)
Jin'do's JudgementRefresh This Item (ZG - Hexxer)
Crackling StaffRefresh This Item (Alterac Valley - Revered)
Ironbark StaffRefresh This Item (Arathi Basin - Exalted)
Staff of DominanceRefresh This Item (MC - Golemagg)
Shadow Wing Focus StaffRefresh This Item (BWL - Random)
Staff of the Shadow FlameRefresh This Item (BWL - Nefarion)


Felcloth HoodRefresh This Item (Crafted)
Crimson Felt HatRefresh This Item (UD Strath)
The Hexxer's CoverRefresh This Item (ZG - Hexxer)
Green Lens of Shadow WrathRefresh This Item (Crafted - Engineer only)


Anastari HeirloomRefresh This Item (UD Strath)
Dark Advisor's PendantRefresh This Item (Scholo)
Orb of the DarkmoonRefresh This Item (Darkmoon Faire)
Jeklik's Opaline TalismanRefresh This Item
Choker of EnlightenmentRefresh This Item (MC - Lucifron)
Choker of the Fire LordRefresh This Item (MC - Ragnaros)


Felcloth ShouldersRefresh This Item (Crafted)
Deadwalker MantleRefresh This Item (Scholo)
Highlander's EpauletsRefresh This Item (Arathi Basic - Exalted)
Mantle of the Blackwing CabalRefresh This Item (BWL - Razorgore)


Amplifying CloakRefresh This Item (DM West)
Cloak of ConsumptionRefresh This Item (Zul'Gurub - Hakkar)
Crystalline Threaded CapeRefresh This Item (Silithus Spoils Bag)
Stormpike Sage's CloakRefresh This Item (Alterac Valley - Honored)
Cloak of the Brood LordRefresh This Item (BWL - Nefarian)


Robe of Everlasting NightRefresh This Item (Immol'thar)
Felcloth RobeRefresh This Item (Crafted)
Robe of Winter NightRefresh This Item (Crafted)
Robe of the VoidRefresh This Item (Crafted - Tailor Only)
Bloodvine VestRefresh This Item (Crafted)
Zandalar Demoniac's RobeRefresh This Item
Jade Inlaid VestmentsRefresh This Item (Ysondre)


Sublime WristguardsRefresh This Item (DM North)
Zandalar Demoniac's WrapsRefresh This Item (Zandalar Tribe - Friendly)
Dryad's Wrist BindingsRefresh This Item (Warsong Gulch - Exalted)
Bracers of Arcane AccuracyRefresh This Item (BWL - Broolord Lashlayer)


Felcloth GlovesRefresh This Item (Crafted)
Gloves of Shadowy MistRefresh This Item (DM East)
Bloodtinged GlovesRefresh This Item (Zul'Gurub)
Ebony Flame GlovesRefresh This Item (BWL - Ebonroc)


Stormpike Cloth GirdleRefresh This Item (Alterac Valley - Honored)
Highlander's Cloth GirdleRefresh This Item (Arathi Basin - Honored)
Thuzadin SashRefresh This Item (UD Strath)
Oddly Magical BeltRefresh This Item (DM North)


Skyshroud LeggingsRefresh This Item (LBRS)
Bloodtinged KiltRefresh This Item (Zul'Gurub)
Bloodvine LeggingsRefresh This Item (Crafted)
Felcloth PantsRefresh This Item (Crafted)
Fel Infused LeggingsRefresh This Item (Kazzak)


Maleki's FootwrapsRefresh This Item (UD Strath)
Betrayer's BootsRefresh This Item (Zul'Gurub)
Bloodvine BootsRefresh This Item (Crafted)
Dragonrider BootsRefresh This Item (UBRS)
Highlander's Cloth BootsRefresh This Item (Arathi Basin - Revered)


Lorekeeper's RingRefresh This Item (Warsong Gulch - Honored)
Zanzil's SealRefresh This Item (Zul'Gurub)
Songstone of IronforgeRefresh This Item (BRD Quest Reward)
Underworld BandRefresh This Item (World Drop)
Mindtear BandRefresh This Item (Taerar)
Band of Dark DominionRefresh This Item (BWL)


Royal Seal of Eldre'ThalasRefresh This Item (DM Book Drop)
Eye of the BeastRefresh This Item (UBRS Quest)
Briarwood ReedRefresh This Item (UBRS)
Zandalarian Hero CharmRefresh This Item (Zul'Gurub - Head of Hakkar)


Skul's Ghastly TouchRefresh This Item (UD Strath)
Bonecreeper StylusRefresh This Item (Scholo)
Touch of ChaosRefresh This Item (Zul'Gurub)

Essential Mods

CountDoom: http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=1359
Spell Timers, and most importantly, Enslave Timers

Scrolling Combat Text(SCT): http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=222
Know what just hit you and for how much. Also has nightfall notifications

Shardtracker Ressurection: http://webpages.charter.net/morbain/
Updated version of NCS being maintained by someone more active. Has spell buttons, shard tracking and they are fixing the spell timers soon.

Servitude Ressurection: http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=1218

Manages your pet, alerting you when to do certain pet action

Necrosis: http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=1219
A complete warlock mod with spell timers, spell buttons, and shard tracking. It's similar to Shardtracker NCS.

Relevant Links

Official Warlock Forum: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/board.aspx?fn=wow-warlock

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